Bayonets of the World

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Hello again!!

My Page about bayonets will slowly be back - much better!  The old one broke up, no backup - shame.... But it was the impulse I needed. Since some time I thought about improving it - first of all giving he guest tools to search my collection according to a few criteria . Cool for referenca I think. Second - double language - I live in Poland so it is natural to make it also in my native language. Third - reference details - dimensions and so on. Fourth - better pictures - it will take me a lot of time I think. Fifth - giving it basic e-shop functionality - it will help me sell the collection easily one day, when I decide to go round the world trip;)

My collection is growing still. And I learn bit by bit - not fast, I'm not the historian nor the antique dealer. I think some pieces here can be interesting even for advanced collectors. All the bayonets presented are from my private collection, though a few I'd sold. I still work hard - I'm sure there are many mistakes in the content - treat it with reserve and always let me know if any information is wrong - thanks!

I'm always ready to talk bayonet subjects. People who want to sell something - sure You can contact meand make offers. Forgive me I put the page online in such immature shape - thanks to that I mobilized and it will reach the previous scope (of my previous page) faster.

I'm always ready to buy interesting bayonets - make offers!

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.