Bayonets of the World

We sometimes find the above bayonet - usually with confusing clasification. I tried to sort things out and reached for Hardin's book.

There are three bayonets thet look quite alike:

1. Enfield Short Sea Service RIfle - rifle produced in Liege, Belgium and bought by confederate forced for marine use. The ricasso is stamped "S & K" and an anchor on the opposite side. The bore diameter is .781. Usually there is a number stamped on the pommel. All the steel parts are blued.

2. Colt Revolving Rifle M1855 variant II - there are letters "FH" on ricasso. The bore diameter is .800

3. Spencer Navy Rifle M1863 - differs from Enfield mainly in bore diameter - it is .875 here. There is " S & K" on ricasso and an anchor on the opposite side.

Generally the features helping in differentiating this bayonets are bore diameter, markings and blueing of steel parts.