Bayonets of the World


Recently I've aquired beautiful example of M1853 Artillery Carabine yatagan (second from the left). The subject of British yatagans is a bit messy, there are regular army models, volunteer and modified ones. So it is an occasion to revisit the subject, at least some more common and distinctive examples.

On the above picture first from the left is fist variant of Artillery Carabine yatagan M1853. The hilt is inspired by early French yatagans. There was rare alteration with brass hilt and lower finial bent forward, like in later models. Second from the left is my new one - Artilley Carabine M1853 with steel hilt. Both are bar on barrel type.


Third from the left is M1860 and fourth is M1856. M1856 has short lead in mortise slot like second variant of M1853 and slightly more subtle hilt M1860 has heavier hilt - all dimensions are very alike. My collection lacks M1858 which was a bar on band type, similar in hilt shape to M1860.



The fifth from the left is M1863 Whitworth yatagan bayonet. It is bar on band bayonet identical with M1858 short rifle with unique circular mortise slot. About 9000 were manufactured.

The last one, the sixth from the left, is M1860 bushed for Martini-Henry. The conversion was approved in 1873. M1856 and 1860 were converted and became bar on band. Original scabbards were retained. One can notice steel ring narrowing the original one. Also the hilt above mortise slot is flattened.