Bayonets of the World

Here are some remarks of medium advanced collector abut where and how to buy bayonnets. For novice collectors I've just one main advice: Be patient and never buy scrap. It is better to have less but good quality items. They are always easier to sell an gain much more value as years go by. In case of really rare items there is of course some place for compromise.

How to buy

1. Internet auctions. Internet makes the world smaller and gives us access to remote markets. And to much more people of similar interests. On some auction sites of nationwide range in distant countries we can really find good deals. Some models are almost unavailable elsewere. Somehow German bayonets tend to be cheaper in US than in their homelad and opposite. Probably nowhere in the world can Polish bayonets be so precious then in Poland. Big auction sites have plenty of useres which generally excudes casual buys or occasions - to many people looking for the same. From the other hand some rare models can show up there. Shipping costs are less important when one buys expensive things. The customs fees and taxes can be really troublesome, but at least Europe is free in this aspect. I have an impression that auction prices at least in Europe gone higher in last couple of years, probably bacause Russian collectors joined the market.

Buying on internet auctions from unknown seller we should be extremely cautious. Honest seller of good quality items will readily show or send on demand detailed pictures.The pictures should be carefully examined. Bayonets and scabbards have their weak points. In case of scabbard these are fitting and markings on them, numbering, holding spring, screw of the throat, lower end especially in leather scabbards and their lenght (weather the leather is not contracted). Considering the bayonet itself: is the blade straight? is the spear intact? are the markings preserved? what is the shape f the grips? is the rcasso of the proper shape? did someone nail with the pommel? is the barrel ring of original shape? It is the must to check sellers comments and if they were given for valuable auctions. It is wise to contact the seller and ask for additional pictures. After the auction end and we have the sellers data we can check if he is "present" on the net. Making deals "behind" the auction is quite risky I think. To tell You the truth I've made many transacions this way and generally had a good luck. Only once I had a bad luck with German seller. If we are the victim we are alone - the bank and police will say fool is guilty himself.

Polish Allegro - many bayonets, but not many really precious. Occasions sometimes. Nobody ever cheated me here, neither on auctions, nor transactions "behind" auctions. Maybe sometimes the real condition of the bayonets can be unhonestly hidden.

Czech - very similar to Polish ALLEGRO. Also similar bayonets. Only people different here - don't like to send abroad, but they like to send money in the envelopes or by Western Union. - very wild portal with a lot of users. I say wild because the administrator don't care for users safety at all. I thinks they started with simple portal, which unexpectedly cought up the wind. They are not developing at all, just consume casual success. All my misfortunes happend here. One pays 20EUR for insured paket, it never comes and sender lost the papers, sometimes the post investigates but money never come back. Many swindlers around, trying to catch You for "behind the auction" transactions. The other trick is a mail thet transaction that You bid and not won had not beed finalizeEveryone can register here and start to sell and the account are not verified. From the other hand many good collectors here and it really busy and active auction site. - they care about security and make world smaller. They are not much comfortable for sellers and due to some US regutations make shipping bayonets abroad troublesome. One can finde here some rare pieces but not cheap. - I really like this site.  Nice things of googe quality, real rarities sometimes. Nice functionalities of the site. Nothing wrong with sellers here.

 there are some other sites... I will not tell, You would take the occasions ;)

2. Flea markets - most things there are scrap> But sometimes someone brings something from home... And the dealers lack the knowledge. One can haunt for occasion and sometimes make a good deal. And we can judge the bayonet's conditiona taking it in our hands.

3. Fellow collectors - I've got my best pieces from this kind of sources. Sometimes people sell something to buy something else. And sometimes want to do it swiftly - these are the moments.

4. Antique dealers, bayonets dealers in real or on the net. Antique dealers often aquire nice things and sometimes they don't know what they have - quite a good source. They are dangerous for unexperienced bayonet collectors,  they sometime offer the price based on how You are dressed, and can be quite convincing.  The bayonet dealers on the net - they sell best pieces to acquaintances. The scrap goes online. They tend to make pictures that hide more then show, name the condition "good" when it is unaccepteble. Many renown dealers do it this way unfortunately. But not all fortunately. Generally - ALWAYS ask for good photos.

5 Auction houses - I don't have much experience here. They offer unique things sometimes. They cost much. It is a bit difficult to buy via the net. I have some places I visit in Germany, Italy and Sweden.

6. Auction snipers - I use them whenever I can. It is no sense to warm up the auction over the days and elevate the price to absurd level. Snipers help you avoid it. From the other one can judge with cold mind te acceptable price, give it to the sniper and even not look at the auction at closing time. My best are for and and for and . Did not find any for