Bayonets of the World



Here are some suggestions pertaining to essential readings for anyone who collects bayonets.I suggest


Kiesling bayonet bookKiesling: "Bayonets of the World" - I suggest buying the complete edition, not earlier edition in four volumes. Comprehensive catalogue, often mentioned  by othe authors. The bayonets are grouped by country of origin.

A.H.Kulinskij: "Shtyki Mira" which means "Bayonets of the World". In certain aspects the publication is better than Kiesling. More models depicted, more detailed descriptions.

Królikiewicz bagnetyT.Królikiewicz: "Bagnety" - interesting Polish book, socket bayonets are widely covered.

Prószyński book on bayonets  Maciej Prószyński: Bagnet wojskowy. Polish book about bayonets and the passion of collecting them. To be sincere, the only merit of it is that it is in Polish (for Polish collectors).

Bagnety Wojska Polskieo tom 1 Bagnety WOjska Polskiego vol. 3 Krzysztof Szczegłow: Bagnet Wojska Polskiego 1914-1999. This 3 volume edition is worth th money. It comprehensively covers the history of Polish bayonets and vast number of foreign ones that had been tried by Polish army.

Wilkinson book on UK bayonets  R J Wilkinson Latham: British Military Bayonets from 1700 to 1945. The author is a mamber of Wilkinson family which produced bayonets for decades. But the book is not a comprehensive collector's source, just an addition from specific point of view.

   Ian D. Skennerton: British & Commonwealth bayonets. Absolutely the one and only bayonet on British bayonets. Complete reference, great historic work.

Maddox bayonet bookJ.A.Maddox: "Collecting bayonets" - Colorful and nicely printed book, much more then just a bayonet catalogue. Written by one of the recognized collectors, the subject is covered from his subjective, experienced point of view - I like this attitude. Bayonets are grouped by type (socket, T-blade, yatagan and so on).

Hardin book on American bayonets Albert N.Hardin Jr. :The American bayonet 1776-1964 Absolutely the one and only position on American bayonets- must have.

Vial bayonets vol1Vial bayonet book vol2Vial bayonet book vol3   Jean-Pierre Vial: "Atlas de la baionette de collection" - The richest bayonet catalogue to day with a great amount of good illustrations. Bayonets are listed according to total length, which is a good idea and makes searching easy. The descriptions are reach, corresponding numbers in Kiesling and other catalogues are given. Author also makes some kind of ranking of rarity but his opinions in this respect are disputable. Unfortunately the frogs are almoist completely omitted which is a pity. Absolutely "must have" despite little exotic language;)

Johnson Japanese bayonet bookJapanese Bayonets:The Definitive Work on Japanese Bayonets 1870 to the Present. Larry Johnson. Best information source about Japanese bayonets, comprehensive and compound. Numerous variants of Arisakas are no mystery anymore....

aaaa  Bayonets of Japan by Raymond C. Labar is a nice development based on Larry Johnson work. It has a bit greater scope, covers Japanese bayonets rewords and adaptations. The book is full of colour great quality illustrations.

 Williams German bayonet book vol1 Williams German bayonet book vol 2Roy Williams: The Collectors Book of German Bayonets 1680-1945. Great books. First volume covers models till the end of WWI, the second consecutive years and ersatz bayonets. Modern edition with great amount of illustrations. The subject is covered in 100%. The author published the book by himself and sells himself - it is easy to obtain handwritten dedication.

Rudiger Franz German bayonet book Classic position on German bayonets written by the great collector.

Lubbe book on German bayonets Klaus Lubbe: German sidearms and bayonets 1740-1945.  Classic book on German bayonets, must have. What's interesting, author placed there prices of all bayonets listed - not real nowdays, but that's some hint on bayonets value.

Christian Mery German Ersatz Bayonets  Christian Mery: German Ersatz bayonets of WWI. Great, comprehensive book on all German bayonets, it refers to classic Carter's position, but is great development. Nicely illustrated. Original French edition is hard cover, English edition is "economy" version.

German Fasschinenmesser  Wolfgang Peter-Michel: Faschinenmesser. Nice position comprehensively covering the subject.

Carter Bayont Frogs vol 1Carter Bayonet Frogs vol 2 Anthony Carter: Bayonet Belt Frogs - 3 volumes. Classic position, no other covers the subject of frogs more comprehensively.

   Claude Bera: Bayonets of the First World War. Nicely printed position but rather for novice collectors.