Internet dealers, auction services and sites about bayonets. – kongsberg manufactured bayonets and othe Norwegiam weapons – nice place, squirrel EC markings explained – many rare pieces show up here. Unfortunately many in USA. Many sellers there do not ship abroad due to their regulations. – good to lokk there from time to time – biggest Polish auction site, sometimes something interesting shows here – Czech equivalent to Polish Allegro – similar – great site about German swords and bayonets, with plenty of antique photographs – always something interesting there – the place is alive, but You will not find an accasion here – many rare bayonets show up here, the owner is nice man. – unusual treasure cave about Scandinavian bayonets. – classic source on the subject – good site, many things to buy, unfortunately few illustractions or photos in shop, but nice collection of old pictures – Interesting site about Belgian bayonets – perfect place comitted to Dutch bayonets – great treasury on  Austro-Hungarian  and Hungarian arms of all kinds from XIX and XX century – nice active bayonet dealer– great site in Czech language. But this the one I use most often for reference – nice, comprehensive and  illustrated content. Shopping also possible – many interesting American and other bayonets. Honest dealer – mainly British and Commonwealth bayonets for reference, sometimes something to buy – Japanese bayonets, variants of Arisaka explained – very comprehensive and nicely illustrated site – You can dig this vault of knowledge for long and with pleasure Kongsberg Våpenhistoriske Forening – great site about weapons manufactured by the Kongsberd arsenal, covering all 19th century history. Edged weapons, rifles, pistols and other.   –  great reference site for Swedish swords – great material on Spanish edgedweapons -very nice place – lot of knowledge here – some interesting info on Bayern weapons here – about Sachsen weapons, mainly 19th century. Lots of photos and great encyclopedic referernce Kuratoriums zur Förderung historischer Waffensammlungen – a page about collecting weapons, lot of pictures and reference, but rather random, not a kind of encyclopedic reference – great site to be studied before any purchase, if a bayonet collector is tempted to own japanese sword – a page about great dog;)  – some really impressive pieces

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