This page is about bayonet collecting, which is my passion for at least 15 years. More then 500 bayonets decorate my attic. Though my first pieces, which I still have, I aquired in primary school. I want to share some of my experience, photos and other info mainly about my personal coollection. I hope it can serve as a reference for many other collectors. I also serves as my personal notepad – I look into the page when I want to recall something myself.

I think everybody will find here a huge photographic material for reference. I also tried to incorporate effective search and filter mechanisms on the page.

 Sale option is just an add-on – every collector has some duplicates or wants to reprofile his collection. You can’t store those things sometimes, there is no place;) So only bayonets marked “in stock”  are for sale, rest is for reference, as in catalog. If one day I decide to sell my collection, I will just add prices and in stock attribute;)

My collection is growing still. And I learn bit by bit – not fast, I’m not the historian nor the antique dealer. I think some pieces here can be interesting even for advanced collectors. All the bayonets presented are from my private collection, though a few I’d sold. I still work hard – I’m sure there are many mistakes in the content – treat it with reserve and always let me know if any information is wrong – thanks!

Somehow my collections becomes surrounded by some peripherials  – other kinds of edged weapons and black podwer percussion weapons serving as stands for bayonets;)

I’m always ready to talk about bayonets. People who want to sell something – sure You can contact me and make offers.

I’m always ready to buy interesting bayonets – make offers!



Recent blog posts:

Unknown Gras-like bayonet for Chassepot?

Unknown variant of epee bayonet, similar to Gras. Barrel ring has no adjustment, hilt is more massive then in Gras and resembles Kropatschek. But mounting rail and generally back of the hilt appears to be Read more…


Nice 3 French bayonets

My new trophies – 3 nice bayonets from Vial’s collection. Lieutnant Pitet Lebel knife bayonet is one of the kind in design, great manufacture quality – my favourite. The second is for Perrin revolving rifle Read more…


Migration to new host

After migration to new host my site was not working properly for a couple of days. Fortunately it is back and OK again. Thanks for following;)


New section- bayonet photographs

I’ve added a new section. It will present bayonet related photographs collected over the net.

Unknown German yatagan

Unknown Brass hilt yatagan, probably German

Unknown bayonet, I presume German – other collector rather agree with me. Very well made, huge and heavy. Absolutely original. Not to be found in any book. The only stampings are regimentals on a crossguard, Read more…

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