Hello again!!

The page is under construction now, but closing to final form- excuse me, but until this notice is here don’t try buy anything.

My page is slowly coming back. Considering many factors I decided to migrate to WordPress. I decided to make it in catalog/shop format. It turns out that shop templates offer best possibilities of bayonet presentation, filtering and searching. And that’s the main reason for this page – presentation of some info and photos and reference. Sale option is just an add-on – every collector has some duplicates or wants to reprofile his collection. You can’t store those things sometimes;) So only bayonets marked “in stock”¬† are for sale, rest is for reference, as in catalog. If one day I decide to sell my collection, I will just add prices and in stock attribute;)

My collection is growing still. And I learn bit by bit – not fast, I’m not the historian nor the antique dealer. I think some pieces here can be interesting even for advanced collectors. All the bayonets presented are from my private collection, though a few I’d sold. I still work hard – I’m sure there are many mistakes in the content – treat it with reserve and always let me know if any information is wrong – thanks!

Somehow my collections becomes surrounded by some peripherials  Рother kinds of edged weapons and black podwer percussion weapons serving as stands for bayonets;)

I’m always ready to talk about bayonets. People who want to sell something – sure You can contact me and make offers. Forgive me I put the page online in such immature shape – thanks to that I get mobilized and it will reach the previous scope (of my previous page) faster.

I’m always ready to buy interesting bayonets – make offers!

email: bayonets@bayonets.pl


Recent blog posts:

Unknown German yatagan

Unknown Brass hilt yatagan, probably German

Unknown bayonet, I presume German – other collector rather agree with me. Very well made, huge and heavy. Absolutely original. Not to be found in any book. The only stampings are regimentals on a crossguard, Read more…


Three hunting bayonets

Suddenly I’ve aquired three nice hunting bayonets. They come France. They have no markings. If anyone has some more detailed info on them please let me know.

Still fighting with WordPress

Being a complete amateur as far as web designing is concerned I still fight with WordPress and Woocommerce. I make backups often;) Now I’m almost satisfied. Most of my bayos are displayed and shortly described. Read more…


Recent additions:

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