M1855 Lancaster sappers and miners


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This great bayonets has been introduced in march 1855. It has brass hilt and unusualn in UK pipeback blade. Also the leather scabbard had unusual ornamental finish and internal spring protruding outside the leather in half the lenght of the scabbard. First 3000 were produced by Lancaster – this have poorly knurled grips, slightly shorter leaf spring secured by rivet. From 1858 there were many manufacturers and the spring was secured with a screw.

These bayonets had been manufactured till 1890. Some Lancaster rifles were converted to Snider breechloaders. Great number had been also manufactured as Volunteer Lancaster type. These were individually fited to a rifle, sometimes had steel hilt and crossguard. But mostly were identical to service type, only lacking inspection marks. Many of them were exported to India.

After the respective? rifles were removed from service some of Lancaster bayonets were used as sidearm, especially by medical corps.

Many Lancaster bayonets have survived, probably due to it’s decorative features and long time in service.

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