M1858 Naval Cutlass


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Austro-Hungarian Navy boarding sword or cutlass, in Austria called “Entersabel” or “Bordsabel”. Till 1858 Austrian Navy used French captured cutlasses. Then in 1858 Austro-Hungarian navy ordered its original design, which totally replaced French type in 1877. In remained in service till 1904. It was used in fight, but also as general use cutlass for example by ship fireman, for cutting ropes, wood and so on. Sometimes they were stored in boxes and given to the crew just in action. So there were many more blades then scabbards. Those few scabbards that can be found are similar to M1853 Fasschinenmesser.?

Heavy pipeback blade, quite complex basket as for this kind of weapon. Produced by FS Jung, dated 1858. On the basket also letters “KM” nad weapon number on brass plate “455”. Mine is covered with some tar-like substance. I don’t clean it assuming it is original anti-corrosion protection.

What’s interesting, this kind of cutlass with scabbard is stored in museum and library of John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy received this? during Chancellor Gorbach’s visit to the White House, May 1962. The President displayed the saber in the Oval Office, mounted in a crossed position with John Barry’s sword.

On the net I’ve found one similar cutlass with scabbard for 1500USD. Is had been severely polished and lost it’s blueing or even tar coating. The pictures are below: