Still fighting with WordPress

Being a complete amateur as far as web designing is concerned I still fight with WordPress and Woocommerce. I make backups often;) Now I’m almost satisfied. Most of my bayos are displayed and shortly described. There is only a mess with tags (“sword”, “knife” “epee” and so on) technical parameters (length, with and others) – this will be a lot of boring work. I’m also not happy with single product page – Woocommerce and template give little space for customization here.

In main menu there are two positions – “bayonets and others” and “experiment”. They are both doing the same- grid display, search and filter. One is based on Woocommerece and the other on independant engine. I developed both because none seemed perfect. Now the one under “expariment” seems to win and will probably stay as only one.

The bayonets marked “in stock” are really for sale. I will test payment options and automatic shipping costs today. In case of troubles just wirite me. I will also focus on SEO now.

Let me know if You want to get rid of something interesting…

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