Unknown Gras-like bayonet for Chassepot?

Unknown variant of epee bayonet, similar to Gras. Barrel ring has no adjustment, hilt is more massive then in Gras and resembles Kropatschek. But mounting rail and generally back of the hilt appears to be made for Chassepot.

Nice 3 French bayonets

My new trophies – 3 nice bayonets from Vial’s collection. Lieutnant Pitet Lebel knife bayonet is one of the kind in design, great manufacture quality – my favourite. The second is for Perrin revolving rifle with correct scabbard. Last one for Meunier semiautomatic rifle.

Lieutnant Pitet knife bayonet

Perrin bayonet

Meunier semi-auto rifle bayonet

Unknown German yatagan

Unknown Brass hilt yatagan, probably German

Unknown bayonet, I presume German – other collector rather agree with me. Very well made, huge and heavy. Absolutely original. Not to be found in any book. The only stampings are regimentals on a crossguard, typical though not unique for German bayonets. Font is typical for the period. The blade is marked Clemen & Jung. According to what a friend has found the regimentals can be translated as Sanitats-Kompagnie des Train-Bataillons – a Medical Company of a Service Corps Battalion. Bacause of the relatively huge barrel I would place it in 50-ies or early 60-ties of 19th century. Before German Union, because it lacks other markings typical for later German products, probably ordered by one of smaller German states.

What interesting one of the collegues posted pictures of almost identical bayonet but with iron hilt with leather grips, similar unit markings, unfortunately not showing the rail.

My brass hilt bayonet came from Sweden. Investigating further I’ve learned from one great Scandinavian collector, that both these bayonets were sold by one guy, who some time earlier aquired them from one older collection.

Any opinions about these mysterious bayonets would be appreciated.

Unknown German bayonet

Still fighting with WordPress

Being a complete amateur as far as web designing is concerned I still fight with WordPress and Woocommerce. I make backups often;) Now I’m almost satisfied. Most of my bayos are displayed and shortly described. There is only a mess with tags (“sword”, “knife” “epee” and so on) technical parameters (length, with and others) – this will be a lot of boring work. I’m also not happy with single product page – Woocommerce and template give little space for customization here.

In main menu there are two positions – “bayonets and others” and “experiment”. They are both doing the same- grid display, search and filter. One is based on Woocommerece and the other on independant engine. I developed both because none seemed perfect. Now the one under “expariment” seems to win and will probably stay as only one.

The bayonets marked “in stock” are really for sale. I will test payment options and automatic shipping costs today. In case of troubles just wirite me. I will also focus on SEO now.

Let me know if You want to get rid of something interesting…

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