Lebel experimental knife bayonet – Lieutnant Pitet

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Lebel experimental knife bayonet. So called Lieutnant Pitet bayonet, after the name of inventor (Raymond Pitet). No clear markings on the bayonet and scabbard. Other I’ve noticed had been marked” M B ” for Bickel and Morel manufacturers and the number ” 25 “.

The bayonet was tried in 1916/1917 in order to shorten the bayonet that was regulatory and make it more solid. Probably 1000 pieces had been manufactured in Pouzet company in Thiers.

The handle was typical 1886/15 cast iron, prone to corrosion. The blade was one of the kind – knife length, asymetrically double edged and slightly curved. The scabbard fits the blade, is slightly curved, and the mouth of the scabbard is diamond shped to fit the blade. Probably the bayonet was not that easy to manufacture.

It is belived that some of these bayonets had been tried in artullery units during WWI and later.


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