M1842 bayonet manufactured by Mutzig

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M1842 carbine yatagan manufactured by Mutzig – this sword bayonet was designed for carbine. Most of this pattern bayonets were manufactured in Châtellerault. Uncommon Mutzig examples differ mainly by the way they are marked. The oldest one have just “Mutzig” on the ricasso and “1848” on the opposite side. Later they were also marked on the back of the blade with simplified signature (no month) – just words “Mutzig” and the year of manufacture.

The rivet on the pommel in honed to the level of brass. In later or just other examples the rivet protruded. There are numbers on both sides of the crossguard, cancelled on one side. None of those corresponds to the number in the groove on the back of the hilt, which seems strange bacause it should be weapon number. The scabbard has different number stamped and an anchor sign.

total_length 694
Number in Vial ABC 1737


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