Belgium export yatagan for Brazil? USA?

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Unknown bayonet, made by PDL. It also has “Gusssstahl” mark (or I read it wrong?), and one another I can’t define, like letter “H”. Also a number “132”.  The locking rail on the hilt seems to be identical with Chassepot and French 1842, though the ring diameter is different of course.

It is Belgium made commercial rifle bayonet, purchased probably by Brazil imported by Confederacy during Civil War.

There are a few pattern of these bayonets with blades marked by raw blades suppiers – “S&K” and “PDL”.

It came with Chassepot-like scabbard, but it seems slightly more massive. Don’t know it is proper scabbard for this bayo.

Exact details about these bayonets are still to be described.

total_length 703
ring diameter 22


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